viernes, 25 de julio de 2014

Guanacaste Day: Celebrating the Annexation of Guanacaste

Prior to 1824, Guanacaste was part of Nicaragua.  Due to the many active civil wars in Nicaragua at that time, the residents of Guanacaste wanted to be annexed to Costa Rica. The Central American Federation said yes to their request, and Guanacaste was annexed to Costa Rica. The people of Guanacaste take great pride in being part of Costa Rica. Their annexation by choice is celebrated for its core values of democracy each year with a nationwide holiday. The celebration is huge, especially in our Guanacaste province. All banks, schools, post offices and government offices as well as other commercial centers close for this holiday celebration. Annually on July 25th, all of Costa Rica celebrates Guanacaste Day. 

The celebrations include parades, folk dances, music, showing cattle and other activities. Rodeos are also typical of the holiday celebration. However these rodeos are not like the bullfights in Spain...Tico style of bullfighting does not include killing the bull. It is about young men teasing the bull or cow without any weapons, just having fun and for the sport. 

Similar to festivals around the world the streets are filled with vendors of local handicrafts and local foods. Concerts, fireworks and folk dances are also part of the celebrations. The most popular dances are Caballito Nicoyano and the Punto Guanacasteco, old historical folk dances. The festivities include the local children and most of the parades are children dressed in costumes and masks, having much fun.  The music includes the playing of Costa Rica's national instrument, the marimba. 

Interested in participating in the events?  Let us know and we'll be happy to direct you to a local festival nearby!

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viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

The Feria (Farmers' Market) in Tamarindo, Costa Rica: a Local Treasure

The Feria (Farmer's Market) is a local event that anyone visiting Tamarindo, Costa Rica must visit! It is the heart of the local small business world and center of community. Feria's are a celebrated Costa Rican tradition. Each week you can find the most fresh produce of the season, and it is a social event where neighbors stop to chat and vendors boisterously advertise their fares. 

As a tourist or visitor to the community you may be offered tastes of unfamiliar local foods and take away many cooking ideas and tips. If you want to visit and experience this local event, the Tamarindo feria occurs every Saturday and you will want to get there early for the best pickings.
Not only can you find the most fresh produce and seasonal items, vendors also offer many other edible choices such as meats, fish, cheeses, fresh eggs and other homemade items. Medicinal herbs and teas as well as flowers are also sold during their respective seasons. Often times, our local Feria offers works of art from the locals and jewelry on display as well as prepared food choices to keep you shopping. 

Remember...These vendors are earning much of their personal income at the Feria so do not be rude about prices, they are generally very reasonable. These events are an important part of the local economy and community, it provides income and allows customers to buy at lower prices.       

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viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

El Veranillo de San Juan & Tamarindo: A Perfect Match

While the sun shines just about 365 days a year in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, there is a rainy season from May-October. Let's first clear up some potential confusion real quick: What you'll hear called summer and winter in Costa Rica doesn't mean hot and cold weather like you may be used to. The Costa Rican summer, from December-April, is their dry season. The winter is their rainy season. 

During the rainy season, the sun will still shine. Though you may experience some late afternoon or evening rain showers at some point. This is due to our position close to the equator. At this time of year, the sun lies directly overhead, just about perpendicular. This direct positioning of the sun causes a lot of evaporation which in turns results in a lot of rainfall.

Tamarindo's 'Little Summer'

But interestingly enough, there's a short lull in the rainy season around the end of July through August, usually lasting a few weeks. In Costa Rica, we call this Veranillo de San Juan; a 'little summer'. (Remember, summer means dry season). To put it simply, the shifting arctic air masses and northern air masses create a temporary lull in the rainy season around this time ever year.

And what a perfect time of year to visit Tamarindo! If you've ever been to a tropical climate, you've experienced tropical rainfall. It happens almost every day. And while it's not a big deal, having a a few weeks of beautiful, nearly dry weather 24 hours a day in Tamarindo is a huge treat. Around this time, the temperature averages in the low 80s, perfect to take advantage of our pristine beaches.

Take Advantage Of El Veranillo!

Tamarindo is a great destination for surfing, snorkeling and hiking. During El Veranillo de San Juan, you can get out there and enjoy the water and land as much as you want!

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