viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2014

It's Time To Surf!

Right down the road from our Bed & Breakfast is one of the best beginner surf breaks in the world!
Along with steady waves, our town also has a large selection of surf shops willing to set you up with a professional for surf lessons. Most places offer 90 minute surf lessons for beginners and can help you with a board rental and rash guard as well. Our favorite local surf instructors are Bryan and Maria, we can set up surf lessons for you here at our boutique hotel. If surfing is on your Costa Rica vacation itinerary, here are 5 things you need to know before your first surf lesson:

1. How to Prepare - Surfing is a physical activity because catching waves requires paddling. Remember to stretch and warm up your upper body before you run for the waves, as this will help cut down on soreness the next day! Another way to prepare is to make sure you are a comfortable swimmer before taking the plunge.

2. It's OK to stay in the white water - When you are watching the surfers on Tamarindo Beach you will notice a lot of the surfers beyond the white water past where the waves are breaking. Don't be in a rush to join them when you are learning. It's better to stay in the white water and learn the feel of your board and how to handle it first.

3. You will fall - It's not a matter of whether or not you will take some falls, it's when. You may drink some saltwater and even have water go up your nose. But relax! This is all part of learning to ride the waves!  When you fall, try to stay calm and find your board attached to your ankle with the leash to ensure it doesn't bump into you or any other surfers.

4. Become familiar with rip currents - A rip current is a strong narrow current of water that travels away from the shore and back out to sea. If you happen to find yourself in a rip current, do not panic. Don't try to paddle against the rip current but to swim parallel to the beach instead until you are out of the rip current and can swim safely back to the beach.

5. Have fun - Learning to surf can be strenuous and difficult at times, but don't let this keep you from enjoying your time in the ocean! Don't worry about what you look like and just focus on having a good time while you learn something new!

Our team at Sueno del Mar will be happy to arrange your daily activities for you during your stay with us at our luxurious beachfront Bed and Breakfast.

You will feel right at home at our beachfront Bed and Breakfast located near Tamarindo, Costa Rica.