viernes, 23 de enero de 2015

Very excited on our renovations!

This year we are excited to welcome guests here at Sueño del Mar Bed and Breakfast to our updated and expanded breakfast terrace. There was always a nice beach view from our terrace, but this year we had the terrace ceiling raised and upgraded allowing for an even better view of the ocean!

The breakfast area is next to our pool and just steps away from the beach. Surrounding our terrace is our luscious tropical gardens full of fruit trees, flowering plants, small creatures like butterflies and hummingbirds, and our frequent animal friends including iguanas and howler monkeys. It is common to see our howler monkey friends bouncing around in the trees over our property. The males make excited grunts and howls while the females enjoy a leisurely nap while the baby monkeys hop around swinging from branch to branch.

After your breakfast you are able to stroll a couple steps to our beachfront lounge chairs, hammocks, and daybed. Or just hang out in the lounge area of our breakfast terrace. This is where you can find many travel guides and photo books of the wildlife and plants of Costa Rica.

And right next to our breakfast terrace on the beach path is also our little breakfast palapa featuring a comfy swing to sit in and enjoy your coffee. If leisure is what you are looking for, hop on down to Costa Rica and let us treat you to an incredible breakfast and locally roasted coffee. You will not be disappointed!

Our beachfront hotel in Playa Langosta is the perfect setting for your next Costa Rica vacation.


viernes, 16 de enero de 2015

Our lovely boutique!

Here at our boutique bed and breakfast we take a lot of pride in our eclectic decor. Many of our textiles and art pieces like our bed overlays, cloth napkins, tapestries, and wooden figurines all come from Guatemala. Because we like to show off this Central American artsy feel, we were extremely excited to have the chance to display some locally made woven lights under our beachfront trees.

The fun thing about these hanging lights is that they blend in perfectly with the scenery, but upon closer look are intricately woven together by local hands using local vine. During the day they serve as an interesting piece of art, and at night they function as soft burning lights over our sitting areas and hammocks.

If you find Tamarindo, Costa Rica on your list of places to stop on your vacation, please come visit us at Sueño del Mar Bed and Breakfast and enjoy a relaxing morning or evening under our hanging lights while lounging in our beachfront chairs.

Our beachfront hotel in Playa Langosta is the perfect setting for your next Costa Rica vacation.


lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

The best way to enjoy a vacation!!

The best way to enjoy a vacation in a new country is to be informed. At our boutique bed and breakfast we are ready to help you plan your adventures and excursions and can also set you up with experienced guides. If you arrive here and have not decided what all you want to do while in the country, do not worry! We have a lot of books and information free for you to read while enjoying your stay!

In our variety of Costa Rica and Central America guide books you can read about all our country’s treasures - the various national parks, historic sites, wildlife, and the history of this great place. Most guide books also offer must-see places in other towns, as well as some local hidden waterfalls and tiny roadside sodas (mini restaurants) where you can find the authentic Costa Rica cuisine.

Not only do we have a large selection of guide books, we also have some beautiful Costa Rican photography books. Definitely take some time to flip through our book Guanacaste Travel Routes by Luciano Capelli. This book featuring some incredible photography of the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica (the region where we are located) and "shows a new angle of the scenic beauty of Guanacaste from pre-Columbian times to the present.” Compiled of 350 images from remote spots in Costa Rica, this book suggests some hidden spots worth checking out off the beaten path.

Once you’ve decided the places you hope to visit in Costa Rica, glance through our pocket guides to Costa Rica wildlife and plants. It’s always fun to identify the species you are seeing, and here in Costa Rica there is a lot to explore!

Our beachfront hotel in Playa Langosta is the perfect setting for your next Costa Rica vacation.

Images courtesy of Google Images.

Photography: Katherine Stinnett Photography

miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

Happy 2015!!!

One of the most exciting times of year here at Sueño del Mar Bed & Breakfast is New Year’s! At the beginning of the new year is when high season is officially in full-swing, and we are so happy to welcome our new and old friends back to the property here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

We are so honored the Jay Family always chooses our boutique bed & breakfast for their family New Year’s celebration each year! Over the past five years we have gotten to know the family well, and we look forward to seeing them each year. What better way to welcome 2015 than with your loved ones on the gorgeous beaches here in Costa Rica at our beachfront property!?

Looking for a new way to celebrate with your family for a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or a reunion? Come see us at Sueño del Mar! We will help you celebrate and relax while enjoying the pura vida.