viernes, 22 de mayo de 2015

Matty's Deli... Best place to have lunch in Langosta!! Only 200mtrs from Sueño del Mar.

When staying at our beachfront bed & breakfast in Tamarindo, Costa Rica you may want avoid the bustle of town one day and take a short stroll down the street to our neighborhood lunch spot called Matty’s Deli Cafe. With a store front right across the street from the best surf break in Langosta, Matty’s boasts some of the freshest salads, yummiest sandwiches, and healthiest smoothies town has to offer. Our favorites on the menu so far? You’ll definitely want to try one of their amazing sandwiches like the Baller (their take on the meatball sub) or the Seared Ahi Wrap made with local tuna. If you’re in the mood for a salad, the Fluffy Quinoa salad will not disappoint and is as fresh as fresh can be! If you’re just stopping in for a drink or a snack, try one of the homemade cookies and a Blue Dream smoothie to go. Thanks to Matty’s for providing Langosta with yummy and fresh eating options on this end of town! For a complete menu check out their Facebook page.

Photography by Katherine Stinnett Photography

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